Gespenster und andere Kuriositäten

Ich bin ein Nerd, gefangen im Körper einer Frau...

name: lisa
born: '85
"profession": student of archaeology
music: mostly metal and rock xD (for more information: last.fm *g*)
interests: archaeology (what a miracle xD), history, music, books, german soccer (hannover 96)

about my journal: mostly in german and friends only

game of thrones, supernatural, glee, csi:ny, bones, lie to me, sherlock, criminal minds, nikita, mad men, human target, eureka, torchwood, pushing daisies, the big bang theory, the office, castle // lord of the rings, harry potter, a song of ice and fire, hitchhijker's guide to galaxy // johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, zooey deschanel, ellen page, michael stahl-david, felicia day, aj buckley, misha collins, matthew gray-gubler, mads mikkelsen, jim sturgess, jim parsons, benedict cumberbatch, harrison ford, jason momoa, karl urban, wil wheaton // inception, 500 days of summer, nightmare before christmas, away we go, shrek, finding nemo, scott pilgrim vs. the world, across the universe, star wars, lord of the rings

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